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Romance at home

We have come up with a few special tips so that you can always tap into the holiday feelings of our hotel in Caldaro/Kaltern – even at home. A romantic dinner, a cuddly evening, an excursion to the countryside – often little things are enough to give your partner happiness. Here, we provide you with our suggestions for your loving time out from everyday life. Surprise your sweetheart!

Sweet ideas for home

A sweet treat

All is well that starts well. If the day starts with a smile, it is easy to manage the rest of the day. Surprise your sweetheart with homemade jam at the breakfast table. This surely will put a sweet smile on your partner’s face! 


1kg ripe strawberries
1kg jelly sugar
1 lemon


Wash, clean, and cut the strawberries in half. Heat up the lemon juice together with the strawberries and the jelly sugar and let it boil for 6 to 8 minutes (depending on the water content of the strawberries). Fill the jam into sterile jars and close them airtight. After cooling, the jam should be firm and easy to spread. 

Source: “So kocht Südtirol” 

Sweet temptation

Even if you are not a chef and baking isn’t your thing, surprise your partner with a homemade dessert! Our simple recipe only needs a few ingredients and a bit of time; but the results are fabulous. Your partner will be hooked on this sweet surprise!


1 egg
1 egg yolk
70g sugar
250g mascarpone
1 teaspoon rum 
50ml cream
150ml strong coffee
Cocoa powder


Beat the egg and yolk until frothy. Fold in mascarpone and rum. Use any baking form and lay the ladyfingers on the bottom, soak in coffee and place some of the mascarpone crème on top. Add another layer of ladyfingers and repeat the process. Place in the fridge and sprinkle with cocoa powder before serving. Our tip: Form the ladyfingers into the shape of a heart.  

Source “So kocht Südtirol”

Wellness together

Sensual time

Have you had a long day? How does a fine glass of wine and some moments of peace and quiet sound? Remember, your sweetheart could be longing for the same. On your way home, pop into a drugstore and get some fragrant massage oil. At home, dim the lights, light a few candles, and play some relaxing music. When all is prepared, invite your partner to your private “wellness area” for a relaxing massage. Maybe you even spoil your partner with those massage techniques you learned during the partner massage course at “Das Badl” during your romantic holidays.

Cuddle evening

Do you have plans for this evening? No? How about a movie night? Select your favourite film, grab some snacks, and get comfortable on the couch. Snuggle up close and enjoy the intimate evening together. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to show your love – just a bit of time with each other.

Bubbly morning

When you have plenty of time and the sun is shining, why not surprise your partner with a romantic Champagne breakfast at home? Maybe on the balcony or the terrace? Just set your alarm a bit earlier and prepare a nice breakfast, while your sweetheart is sleeping. This way, the day begins with a smile!

Pure nature

Excursion to the countryside

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you are looking for the right idea to surprise your sweetheart? Fill a picnic basket with sweet and savoury treats, wrap up some cutlery, two glasses, and a bottle of wine in your basket and off you go to the countryside. Look for a cosy place and enjoy the day outdoors.

The magic of the sunrise

Tomorrow, get up a bit earlier and drive to a beautiful panoramic spot. Find this spot just before dawn, snuggle up in a blanket, and wait for the sun to rise. Could there be anything more romantic than watching the sunrise in front of a fantastic backdrop? Our tip: Take your camera along and take some pictures!

Profess your love

Romantic meal together

Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner, home-cooked on your own, and a freshly cleaned apartment. Make sure there is romantic lighting and play your favourite songs. When your sweetheart comes home from a stressful day at work, stress will vanish on its own.

Love letter

Take some time, a pen and paper, and try to write down what you love about your partner. It doesn’t have to be a novel – no sophisticated writing is required, just a sign showing your beloved partner what he or she means to you. Our tip: Use everyday situations and describe what you treasure about your partner.

Attentiveness will be rewarded

Too often, we take our partner for granted and do not treasure what we have. Show your love to your partner, even if there is no specific reason to celebrate. Bring home some flowers, a box of chocolates, or a little something – just because. Your sweetheart will be sure to smile!

Elegant evening

Mark a date in your calendar, just for you and your partner. Dress up and take your sweetheart for a candlelight dinner at an elegant restaurant.

Message in a bottle

Write some loving lines for your sweetheart, place them in an empty bottle and close it. Then, run a hot bath with fragrant essences and decorate the bathroom with tealight candles. Place the message in a bottle, with the love letter inside, in the bath. A small sign of love that will make a great impact!

Songs to remember

Back in the day, we used to surprise our partner with a cassette filled with romantic songs, remembering time spent together. Why not revive this forgotten gesture and surprise your partner with a simple gift? Look for the songs of your past or simply some current chart hits your partner likes. Put together a playlist and play it during a cosy evening together at home or in the car on a romantic road trip.

Fragrant outlook

Maybe today is not a special day, there is no special occasion for a present, your partner is not expecting anything. This is why you should take the chance to surprise your partner with their favourite fragrance. After work, during your lunch break, or in a free minute, pop into a perfumery and get your darling a fragrant surprise.

A sign every day

Showing your love does not need great gestures or a lot of money; just a bit of time and an idea. Which is why we’ve provided you with sweet ideas on how to make your partner happy: surprise them with a homemade voucher booklet for cleaning the kitchen, a kiss, making the bed, cuddling, etc. Leave it up to your imagination! The vouchers are redeemable at any time and are irrevocable, even for those jobs which otherwise would gladly get left behind.

Love is in the air

Is it time for a special evening with your sweetheart again? Enjoy some hours together, have some fun, and laugh with one another. Plan a special evening! How about concert tickets, a musical, a play, the cinema, or the opera house? The list of evening events is long and surely something suites you.

Create memories

How we love to reminisce about adventures we’ve had that put a smile on our faces. Often a photo allows us to look back into the past and awakens the same feelings as in those moments. Create these moments for tomorrow and meet your sweetheart today for a spontaneous photoshoot. No matter if it’s in a professional photo studio or privately at home – this day will be unforgettable. Create a photo album as a souvenir.

Love at first sight

Do you still remember how you met your sweetheart the first time? The first date, their whimsical smile, or the fragrance he or she was wearing? Experience these unique moments of your partnership again. Create the perfect atmosphere, wear the same look, and choose the same place as your first date. Relive your first date and feel the butterflies in your stomach, just as you once did.

Full of life

Have a night out! How long has it been since you went out dancing? Take your sweetheart out for a night of dancing or take dancing lessons together. 

Let the whole world know

Are you head over heels in love and would like the whole world to know? Do you still have butterflies in your stomach, even in a long-term relationship? Are you looking for a romantic token of affection, just like in the movies? Express your love in chalk: on the sidewalk, windowsill, or garage door. Or, carve your initials into the tree in front of your home – how romantic! Your proof of love may not be for eternity (the chalk only lasts until the next rain) but it will ensure some loving moments to remember forever.

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