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The most beautiful places to visit in and around Caldaro/Kaltern

Discover the highlights in and around our romantic gourmet hotel

In the south of South Tyrol, you will find a variety of sights in and around Caldaro/Kaltern. Discover South Tyrol and the many highlights it has to offer! At the “Das Badl” hotel in Caldaro/Kaltern, we look forward to helping you.

Castelchiaro/Leuchtenburg ruins above the Lake Caldaro/Kaltern

The legendary Castelchiaro/Leuchtenburg ruins are one of the most famous sights around Caldaro/Kaltern. The castle was built in the 13th century and was the location of the court of Caldaro/Kaltern for a long time. Today the ruin is a popular destination for excursions and a landmark of Lake Caldaro/Kaltern.

From Caldaro/Kaltern to Mendola/Mendel

Experience a piece of South Tyrolean history and culture on the local mountain of Caldaro/Kaltern, the Mendola/Mendel. Because of the fresh and clean air, European aristocracy enjoyed holidaying on the Mendola/Mendel mountain and used the steepest and longest funicular railway in Europe for a comfortable journey to reach the top. Opened in 1903, it was long regarded as a marvel of technology and even today it still impresses with a gradient of 64%, a length of 2.4 km, and a difference in altitude of 850 metres in 12 minutes. Tip: our hotel in Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See is only 5 minutes’ walk from the funicular railway and should definitely be on your list of the top places to visit around Caldaro/Kaltern!

The South Tyrolean Wine Museum in Caldaro/Kaltern

Where else: The South Tyrolean Wine Museum must be located in the most famous winegrowing region of South Tyrol. Numerous exhibits form a true highlight and vividly bring home the history and significance of wine in the region. Impressive wine presses, drinking vessels and carrying containers, wine barrels, and winemaking machinery – all this and more can be seen at the exhibition. In addition, there are educational stories about wine, where you will gain insights into the tasks of a “Saltner” as the “guardian of the vineyards”.

Architecture in Caldaro/Kaltern

There are old houses everywhere, and of course new ones as well. But creating a sensitive transmission, a symbiosis of old and new, is something special. In the town centre of Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See, the 16th century traditional Oltradige/Überetsch construction style with loggias, mullioned windows, and alcoves can be seen everywhere. Here, heritage is kept alive; but contemporary architecture is permitted – some structures even have an international reputation!

Tip: Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic cinema visit in Caldaro/Kaltern… The hotel team of “Das Badl” will be happy to help you with the planning!

Lake Caldaro/Kaltern performances

During summer, Lake Caldaro/Kaltern transforms into a stage. Well-known international musicals are performed, danced, and sung. On warm summer nights, this is a very special highlight! International stars such as Bonnie Tyler have performed here.

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