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Pure romance – our hotel in Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See for adults

Since 2013, our hotel in Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See has been a retreat for connoisseurs, romantics, and lovestruck couples – it is a place of togetherness and relaxation. The hotel is located near the Funicolare della Mendola/Mendelbahn, just above the town centre, and offers a fantastic view of Lake Caldaro and the surrounding natural landscapes. Things that are often neglected in everyday life come to the foreground again. In order to offer our guests a special time out, we focus our offer on couples and pay particular attention to their needs. Our efforts are aimed at maximum relaxation for adults looking for a place to unwind. We are happy to be at your disposal at any time for your romantic time together without children. Your romantic holiday at our hotel in Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See should be intended exclusively for you and your partner. Our highlights are our special romantic packages as well as our including pedal boat rides on Lake Caldaro/Kaltern, late-night wellness, candlelight dinner, and so much more.

From “Pfusser Badl” to “Das Badl” in Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See

The romantic four-star luxury hotel “Das Badl” in Caldaro al lago/Kaltern am See looks back on an impressive past. For decades, the former “Gasthof zum Badl” inn in Caldaro/Kaltern was a popular meeting place for locals and travellers. We owe our name to a sulphurous healing spring above our hotel, which used to attract people to Caldaro/Kaltern from all over South Tyrol. As early as the 18th century, people took health-promoting baths in the so-called “Pfusser Badl”, a former residential building on the site of today’s “Das Badl”, and in the nearby St. Rochus Church, which were particularly effective against skin disorders. It is suspected that the “Frauenbrünnl” is connected to the healing spring of the “Pfusser Badl” because it is located above Pozzo/Pfuß. The source of the “Frauenbrünnl” was regarded as particularly fertility-boosting. Until the 19th century, women are said to have journeyed there time and time again in the hope of promoting their fertility. You can still visit the “Frauenbrünnl” today on the old Mendola/Mendel trail. The “Pfusser Badl” has unfortunately since dried up, but the name “Das Badl” has remained. It is a name that stands for tradition and hospitality in Caldaro/Kaltern.


Hotel „Das Badl"

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